Gods of the Fall

Making Friends and Unveiling Destiny

So our heroes decided to help the Blue Ladies protect the citizens of Low Corso during a scheduled slave raid. Tara, Fergus, Agrippa, Sanzig and Justin headed to the orphanage to prepare. The rest of the party decided to go with the Blue Ladies to defend a nearby hospital.

The orphanage was a two story, dilapidated building. Thirty people lived in this small space. Luckily, our adventurers arrived before the slavers and were able to fortify the structure. Tara built a blockade to provide some cover during the coming battle, while Justin barred the doors and windows so the orphans could wait safely inside. The rest of the group went to the second floor balcony, so they could use ranged attacks from cover.

As everyone finished their assigned tasks, a group of ten slavers emerged, torches in hand and blades drawn. They were not prepared, however, for the armored strangers and their barricade. Our heroes struck first, firing with ranged attacks and taking down one of the leaders quickly. The raiders charged, but our snipers on the balcony continued to fire a volley. When the slavers reached the barricade, Justin and Tara were ready to join the fray. Tara used her maul to pulverize another of the leaders, leaving a bloody mess in his wake. Justin took down another man before the slavers managed to collapse the barricade completely.

The battle dragged on. Tara continued to knock down slavers even after losing her maul. Agrippa and Fergus successfully eliminated the enemy archers while Sanzig buffed the party. The slavers eventually managed to get inside the orphanage, but the last two men were quickly cut down.

Justin decided to use the single surviving slaver to send a message to Fenn. He decapitated one of the fallen slavers and blinded the survivor. He gleefully told the blinded man to deliver the head to Fenn with a message: “You can have the rest of him for a reasonable price.” Agrippa didn’t entirely approve with this strategy and suggested they send a fruit basket with a strongly worded letter instead. But Justin insisted the time for fruit baskets was over, and Agrippa finally caved.

Our party returned to the Blue Ladies hideout after looting the slavers corpses and acquiring some valuables. The Blue Ladies gratefully offered food and shelter to our heroes, who needed a good night’s rest after such a long ordeal. However, a certain goddess had other ideas.

While they slept, Sudhara appeared before every sleeping hero with a message. “You, child, possess a spark of divinity. A soul that is destined for greatness and maybe even godhood. However, the road to being divine is a long one. You will fight many battles, make many allies and enemies. And as you grow in your power you will unlock certain gifts. Divine shifts, dominion abilities, acolytes, and other advantages that mortals cannot fathom." She went on to explain the nature of being a deity and the obligations that our heroes must complete in order to fulfill their destiny.

But will they heed the goddess’s words? Will they take up the mantle and work to become gods? Only time will tell…

Jail Break

Our group of adventurers finally found a way to work together. As they slowly made their way out of the slaver dungeons, they looted the soldier for gear and equipment. Most of the members were able to get some minor armor and weapons, except Sanzig and the sleen (who unfortunately couldn't easily pass as slavers). 

In order to sneak past the guard, our armored heroes pretended to be slavers escorting some "product" to an aristocrat in a nearby district. They were able to bamboozle their way out of the Slave District and venture onto the streets of Low Corso.

With their accomplice Gin by their side, they made their way to the palace of the King of Low Corso – a rugged sleen named Fenn. Along the way they met a group of lovely drag queens known as the Blue Ladies – a gang in Low Corso that dedicates itself to meeting out justice in the undercity and protecting its inhabitants from slavers. Rachel Tension even warned the travelers about Fenn and his dealings with the slavers and the city guard. The King of Low Corso is not to be taken lightly. 

Eventually the group came upon Fenn's palace – a large shanty beneath the Book District. Sanaka Sarab took the lead in the following negotiations, hoping to appeal to her fellow sleen. Fenn agreed to negotiate with the group if the passed several tests of loyalty. First he demanded Gin's life. Gin had stolen a precious item from Fenn, and the reptile was out for vengeance. Our adventurers had no qualms about turning over the slender white haired man, so Fenn quickly slit Gin's throat.

Fenn's second task was more serious and involved more spilt blood. The Blue Ladies have been giving Fenn some trouble recently. If our heroes kill the Blue Ladies, Fenn will give them his mark – a brand in the shape of a writhing snake that guarantees safe passage while in Low Corso. However, our adventurers were put off by this proposition and began to make plans of their own.

Leaving Fenn under the impression that they would comply with his deal, our party ventured back to the headquarters of the Blue Ladies. Rachel Tension was still resting on the porch and greeted them cordially. She invited them inside and offered them arms and armor in exchange for a service. Tension and her leader, Biscuit, asked the group to defend a group of orphans from a scheduled slave raid. 

The Blue Ladies seemed a much more pleasant and honest bunch, so our adventurers decided to help the social justice Drag Queens with their quest. Though this will probably not sit well with the self-proclaimed King of Low Corso…


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