Nod is a moon and a plane of reality where dreams and nightmares take place. 

Nod, as an intruder moon, appeared in the sky after that Fall. It is a manifestation of a curse writ shockingly large across the sky. But whose curse it is and why is not understood. The moon of Nod is the reason the Nightland exists.

Nod, as a place of nightmares and dreams, existed before the Fall. Bibliomancers believe that it was a realm in the Aether, like Soulrest or even Elanehtar. Something about Elanehtar’s manifestation and destruction summoned Nod into the world. Most believe it has to do with a curse mouthed by the King of Nod centuries earlier – a curse of eternal darkness and night, long held in abeyance. That curse finally blossomed without the divine power of the gods to suppress it. 

A few suggest it’s not a curse that summoned Nod, but merely an aftereffect of Elanehtar’s fall. Like a dinghy pulled along in a larger ship’s slipstream, the fall of Elanehtar may have towed Nod out of the Aether. Unlike the home of the gods, however, the King of Nod managed to arrest his realm’s plummet by leashing the dreams of every living thing in the Nightland. How this works, no one in the Afterworld knows. The King of Nod remains silent on the subject.

Nod is ruled by the King of Dreams. He is cordial and hospitable to any who encounter him. At least on the surface. But at his core, the Dream King is a predator, trapping dreamers and visitors alike in his nightmarish realm. Any who venture to Nod, willingly or not, must be wary.


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