Welcome to the Afterworld…

     Gods once watched over the world. Deities of Rain, Fortune, War, Travel, Tricks, and of Death all resided in their celestial realm called Elanehtar. Humans, as well as other creatures like tarans and sleen, revered (or feared) the gods according to their needs and circumstances. A select few could even channel divine power to work miracles.

     Then Elanehtar foundered. Burning and crumbling, it dropped out of the sky and smashed into the world like a vengeful falling star. Elanehtar shattered into hundreds of millions of shards known today as cyphers. The mortal kingdom of Cavazel was utterly annihilated in the catastrophe. Other nations and regions survived, but all trembled and shook. Nothing was ever the same again. After all, the gods were dead. And so the world gained a new appellation: the Afterworld.

     Grim times descended in the Afterworld after the fall of Elanehtar.The Fall brought with it a literal darkness, as it ushered in the arrival of an eternal eclipse in the form of Nod, an intruder moon. But a psychic darkness grew in the wars, riots, and rampages that followed, a darkness that persists in the hearts of the people to this day.

     Life is cheap in the Afterworld. Most think nothing of financially ruining, kidnapping, torturing, enslaving, crippling, or killing someone of lesser means as an idle amusement, as part of a game, or to make some quick coin. While this barbarous attitude isn’t universal, it is epidemic in the Afterworld, especially in a region called the Nightland.

     Some of the most wealthy and entitled classes keep torture dens, where slaves and debtors are branded, whipped, and mutilated for amusement (or horrification). Being less powerful or financially secure is reason enough to be targeted for killing or being sold into slavery. Murder, rape, theft, assault—all these and more crimes are tolerated in most places. In the largest city-state in the Nightland, called Corso, they are even regulated by the payment of indulgences—if you pay a fee to murder your neighbor, you can do so and remain on the right side of the law. Corso is a terrible place to be powerless.

    However, there is a new hope appearing in this dark universe. A glimmer of the divine that once kept peace on this earth. Rumors, omens, and prophecies speak of new gods rising, weak and uncertain, but possibly the redeemers the world needs. But who are these so-called new gods? And even if they do exist, can the Afterworld be saved? Can Elanehtar rise again? Or will these new gods bring about something worse than the Fall? Perhaps even Oblivion itself…

Gods of the Fall

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