Gods of the Fall

Jail Break

Our group of adventurers finally found a way to work together. As they slowly made their way out of the slaver dungeons, they looted the soldier for gear and equipment. Most of the members were able to get some minor armor and weapons, except Sanzig and the sleen (who unfortunately couldn't easily pass as slavers). 

In order to sneak past the guard, our armored heroes pretended to be slavers escorting some "product" to an aristocrat in a nearby district. They were able to bamboozle their way out of the Slave District and venture onto the streets of Low Corso.

With their accomplice Gin by their side, they made their way to the palace of the King of Low Corso – a rugged sleen named Fenn. Along the way they met a group of lovely drag queens known as the Blue Ladies – a gang in Low Corso that dedicates itself to meeting out justice in the undercity and protecting its inhabitants from slavers. Rachel Tension even warned the travelers about Fenn and his dealings with the slavers and the city guard. The King of Low Corso is not to be taken lightly. 

Eventually the group came upon Fenn's palace – a large shanty beneath the Book District. Sanaka Sarab took the lead in the following negotiations, hoping to appeal to her fellow sleen. Fenn agreed to negotiate with the group if the passed several tests of loyalty. First he demanded Gin's life. Gin had stolen a precious item from Fenn, and the reptile was out for vengeance. Our adventurers had no qualms about turning over the slender white haired man, so Fenn quickly slit Gin's throat.

Fenn's second task was more serious and involved more spilt blood. The Blue Ladies have been giving Fenn some trouble recently. If our heroes kill the Blue Ladies, Fenn will give them his mark – a brand in the shape of a writhing snake that guarantees safe passage while in Low Corso. However, our adventurers were put off by this proposition and began to make plans of their own.

Leaving Fenn under the impression that they would comply with his deal, our party ventured back to the headquarters of the Blue Ladies. Rachel Tension was still resting on the porch and greeted them cordially. She invited them inside and offered them arms and armor in exchange for a service. Tension and her leader, Biscuit, asked the group to defend a group of orphans from a scheduled slave raid. 

The Blue Ladies seemed a much more pleasant and honest bunch, so our adventurers decided to help the social justice Drag Queens with their quest. Though this will probably not sit well with the self-proclaimed King of Low Corso…



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